The Manager

SASSEUR REIT is managed by SASSEUR Asset Management Pte. Ltd., which is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sponsor, SASSEUR Cayman Holding Limited.

The Manager's main responsibility is to manage SASSEUR REIT's assets and liabilities for the benefit of Unitholders. The Manager will set the strategic direction of SASSEUR REIT and give recommendations to the Trustee on the acquisition, divestment, development and/or enhancement of assets of SASSEUR REIT in accordance with its stated investment strategies.

The Manager's key objectives are to provide Unitholders with a stable and attractive rate of return on their investment through regular and stable distributions to Unitholders and to achieve long-term sustainable growth in DPU and NAV per Unit, while maintaining an appropriate capital structure for SASSEUR REIT.

The Entrusted Manager

Sasseur (Shanghai) Holding Company Limited is the Entrusted Manager of the properties. Under the Entrusted Management Agreements, the Entrusted Manager will manage the end-to-end operations of the Properties for and on behalf of the PRC Property Companies.