SASSEUR (Kunming) Outlets

SASSEUR (Kunming) Outlets is the largest outlet mall (in terms of GFA) in the Yunnan province. It is targeted at middle class consumers, catering to their growing preference for luxury brands such as Burberry. It also offers a wide array of retail options including outlet mall shopping, healthcare services, entertainment and cultural facilities, thereby providing its customers with a comprehensive lifestyle and entertainment experience intended to promote retail spending and enhance customer loyalty.

SASSEUR (Kunming) Outlets is located in Taiping New City, a newly developed living and leisure area which the PRC government has provided strong support through its industrial development plans, including in retail, tourism and modern technology industries, so as to promote regional economic growth.

SASSEUR (Kunming) Outlets is situated in a convenient transportation hub within Taiping New City. It is within a 5 minutes' drive from the highway exit and is connected to the Kun'an Highway, Anjin Highway, Gaohai Highway, and Northwest Highway, as well as Chengkun Railway and China National Highway G320 Shangrui Expressway, which cross through the city.

Commencement of Operations
December 2016
Net Lettable Area
70,067.2 sq m
Number of Tenants
209 stores with approx. 350 brands
Average Independent Valuation
(with the Entrusted Management Agreements)
RMB 1,460.5 million
Average Independent Valuation
(without the Entrusted Management Agreements)
RMB 1,432.5 million
As at 30 September 2017