SustainabilitySustainability Governance

The REIT Manager and the Entrusted Manager recognise that an effective and healthy corporate governance culture is critical to Sasseur REIT’s performance and reputation. Sustainability matters are taken into consideration as part of our strategic formulation.

The Board has ultimate responsibility for Sasseur REIT’s sustainability reporting and oversees the management of Sasseur REIT’s sustainability performance as well as risks and opportunities. As part of Sasseur REIT’s commitment to sustainability goals, the Board has established a Sustainability Committee (SC) in July 2022. The SC has delegated authority by the Board with its own terms of reference and plays a key role in incorporating sustainability matters as part of our strategic formulation and determines the ESG factors identified as material to the business. The SC meets with the Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) and representatives from the Sponsor before each quarterly Board meeting.

The SC is supported by the SSC which plays a leading role in developing Sasseur REIT’s sustainability objectives and strategies, monitoring and driving sustainability performance and responsible business practices as well as ensuring that material ESG factors are monitored on an ongoing basis and properly managed. Led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the SSC comprises Heads of Departments (HOD) and representatives from the Investment Management, Asset Management, Finance, Investor Relations, Risk and Compliance, and Human Resources functions. The SSC meets monthly to discuss sustainability-related issues and reports Sasseur REIT’s sustainability progress to the SC every quarter.

Refer to the figure below for Sasseur REIT’s sustainability governance structure.