SustainabilityCode of Conduct

Employees are expected to conduct and carry themselves in a proper, professional and courteous manner at work. Employees are required to observe and conform to all company rules and regulations so as to promote a harmonious working relationship and a conducive environment.

The following guidelines set out in general terms, the basic behaviour and conduct expected of all employees:

  1. Ethics

    All employees should observe ethical behaviour and should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the values of the REIT Manager.

  2. Duties and Responsibilities

    All employees should exercise due care and diligence in the discharge of their duties and job functions.

  3. Confidentiality

    Employee will not disclose or divulge at any time, either during the course of employment with the REIT Manager or thereafter, any secret, transaction or information related to the REIT Manager’s business which may come within the employee’s knowledge or possession in the course of employment and which should not be disclosed or made public except as required in the course of their duties.

    Employees will not retain or duplicate for personal use any information, material or document that may come within their knowledge or possession in the course of their employment with the REIT Manager.

  4. Restraint

    During employment, employees will not at any time without the prior consent of the REIT Manager, engage or involve themselves, whether for reward or gratuitously, in any work, activity or business other than in respect of their duties to the REIT Manager.

  5. Bribery and Prohibition of Accepting Gratuities

    The REIT Manager prohibits employees at all levels to obtain any benefits, commissions, rebates, gratuities, monetary or otherwise, from any persons, companies, or firms having business transactions with the REIT Manager.

    Offenders would be subjected to disciplinary action and/or immediate dismissal.

  6. Prohibition of improper activities

    Employees must not bring the REIT Manager or its affiliates into disrepute or engage in any act or dishonesty nor abuse the trust placed in them by the REIT Manager. All improper or questionable business practices are strictly prohibited and must be rejected.